UPDATE: With ooredoo TV now becoming available in Qatar, it looks like a true 4K service may well be up and running in Qatar soon. Which is good news for all those 4K TV owners here. I will come back and tell you more once I have checked it out.

For the moment anyone buying a 4K TV here in Qatar is going to be very disappointed. You see your lovely new expensive Sony 4K TVTV may be capable of displaying 4K (also referred to as UHD by some manufacturers), but unfortunately in the year 2015, there is quite simply nothing for you to watch on it.

Would I advise you to
buy a 4K (UHD) TV right now? No way! Save your money.

Is 4K coming soon to Qatar? Well we are still waiting for the likes of Ooredoo and OSN to announce anything for 2016. And Netflix / Amazon Prime can only be watched here via a VPN, and that would be way to slow for 4K content. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime say you need at least 25Mbps for 4K to be viewable and I don’t know of any VPN service offering that kind of speed.

However there is one glimmer of hope. Next year will see the launch of the world’s first ‘4K Ultra HD Blu-rayHancock-UHD-Bluray Player’. Manufactured by Samsung the UBD-K8500 should be available early in 2016. And then for somewhere around QR 160 you can buy 4K Ultra discs to play on it. Now here is the bad news; although Samsung have not mentioned how much they are going to be charging for the UBD-K8500, the Panasonic player due out shortly afterwards is going to cost a whopping circa QR 11,000.
Obviously in time 4K Ultra Blu-ray players will come down in price, and then we can all go out and buy one. But it’s going to be a year or two before that happens. So you see for the moment there is no point in spending the extra cash to buy a 4K TV now. Wait until 2017 or maybe later. They will cost less by then, and 4K content should be more affordably available.

How to get 4K TV Content