My vacation this year is a pre-Christmas vacation. Traveling early in December as I can’t take time off over Christmas itself.

Cebu Pacific flights were nice and cheap, so I booked myself a return ticket to Legazpi in the Philippines. Now I like flying Cebu Pacific from Qatar because flights to the Philippines are direct. And they land at T3 instead of T1, and T3 is where my domestic flight leaves from so no shuttle transfer terminal to terminal.

There is a transfer required at Manila T3 for the domestic flight to Legazpi, and this is another win for Cebu Pacific, as once you have cleared customs your hold luggage can be checked back in instantly at the customs area.

Transfer Desk

Transfer desk at NAIA T3. As soon as you clear customs look to your right and go to the Transfer Desk to instantly check your hold luggage back in.

This means you are luggage free (except hand baggage obviously) to wander around T3. If you are travelling on your own like me this makes getting food and going for a pee much easier.

Once through customs I got the first glimpse of Christmas. Having just traveled from Qatar where there is hardly any sign of Christmas, it was so nice to finally see the spirit of Christmas expressed freely.


I had to get a selfie with the trees straight away. Then off in search of food.

Burger King T3 NAIA

Burger King T3 NAIA

Burger King was well busy at the time of landing and besides I was in search of pork, so I walked past this one and headed for the new Food Hall on the top floor.

New Food Hall in T3 NAIA

New Food Hall in T3 NAIA

Where I found Chowking and ordered a nice Sweet & Sour pork.

Chowking T3 NAIA

Chowking T3 NAIA

Then off to McDonald’s for coffee.

McDonald's T3 NAIA

McDonald’s T3 NAIA

Next I had a load of time to kill, so I went in search of Christmas, and found it everywhere.


Worn out I needed to get horizontal and have a lay down. But all the lounges were full. I could see others finding places to crash and decided the floor would be fine for me as well. Except that all the best locations had already been taken.

Taking a lay down at night in T3 NAIA

People finding places to have a lay down while waiting for flights.

Then I spotted this un-occupied spot.

Somewhere to get horizontal and have a lay down.

Somewhere to get horizontal and have a lay down.

And went for it


Thank goodness I bought a nice new memory foam neck support pillow. It gave me a nice sleep.

Then off to my 5:15am flight to Legazpi

Cebu Pacific Flight Boarding