Mesaimeer Road

After injuring my foot last year, I have at last started walking again. It hurt’s like hell still, but the pain is now at a level I can push through. I started nice and quick, but slowed towards the end. Not because I was knackered, but because I was in pain.

But it was well worth it, and I loved walking the quiet early morning streets again. Well street, as today I only walked Mesaimeer Road for a distance of 4.64km. Managing an average pace of only 11:46 where as I used to average 9:56 before my injury. That’s around 6km per hour.

Now all I have to do is get out of bed nice and early again tomorrow and repeat the exercise.

It’s actually quite pleasant once I’m out of the door. Not too hot, some fabulous music from Cold Play in my ears and off I go. It’s nice to see things you don’t normally see when driving. Below is an image of Dar Al Salam Mall with no cars in sight.

Dar Al Salam Shopping Mall

A quick call into the Grand Shopping Center to buy some milk on the home run (or walk if you like), which had a splendid sunrise bursting through the clouds above it, and then it was done. 54:33 minuets in duration. And then I even washed the car when I got home 😉

Grand Shopping Center, Abu Hamour, Qatar