To offer a FREE long stay car park is exceedingly unusual at a large international airport like Hamad.

Nice Car Park - But Where is the Shuttle?

Now I’m not one to complain (which means I am about to), but where are the shuttle buses to take us to and from the terminal building? When I parked in the Long Stay, a ladies employee transport agreed (as he was empty) to give me a lift to the employees car park, where I then transferred into a male (or unisex if you like) employee transport who then took me to the terminal.

When I landed I went back to the bus terminal, but no one could direct me to the Long Stay shuttle, only the employee car park shuttle. After being barged off of the first 2 employee buses I fought for a place on the 3rd and kept it. The bus took us to the employee car park where everyone except me got out. I then asked the driver to take me to the Long Stay car park. He didn’t want to go, he explained that it was a different company that operated the Long Stay shuttle service and it was not his responsibility. I asked him to just take me to the gate and I would walk in. On the way there I asked him where these illusive Long Stay shuttles were and gave him a little attitude. After which he agreed to take me to my row in the Long Stay. But he did it very reluctantly.

With Eid upon us, there is going to be a lot of confusion over these shuttle buses unless you act quickly. Don’t take my word for it, go and take a look for yourselves.

But once again congratulations on offering a FREE long stay car park to all, and long may it stay that way 😀