Marriott Hotel Qatar

My son and his future wife (who knows?) are flying in the early hours tomorrow morning, so off to the airport tonight. I asked them how they wanted to spend their last day in Doha for this vacation, and there was no doubt about it, they answered immediately that they wanted to spend their final vacation day by the pool in the Marriott.

Over their 2 weeks here, we have spent more time at the Marriott than any other venue, enjoying 2 fabulous Friday Brunches along with time at the pool/spa and even fulfilling the Ice Bucket Challenge there. Unfortunately they have been staying in the Wyndham Grand Regency over by Sports Roundabout which has nowhere near the facilities and benefits the Marriott does, but then it is half the price 🙁 I just wish I had booked them one night in the Marriott as a finishing touch.

Anyway being a tight ba****ard I went back on to good old Qgrabs last night and got another 3 half price vouchers (QR 75 instead of QR 150) for pool and beach access at the Marriott, and we are returning for their final visit of the year. And one of the great things about Qatar is…. I don’t have to worry about it raining 😉