Legazpi is located in the Bicol Region, and the Bicol Region is famous for it’s love of spicy food. The most famous being their wonderfully spicy pork dish called ‘Bicol Express’.

You will find Bicol Express on virtually any Philippine menu you find anywhere in the world. So where better to try it than in it’s very own home town.


Bicol Express

Be warned though, if it’s made properly, it’s going to have a kick. I normally have it with some fried rice and if I am hungry I will add extra pork on the side. ¬†Available from street vendors, quality restaurants and mall food courts. I got this one in LCC Mall Food Court. The meal came to P123 one pound ninety four in British money or nine Rials in Qatari money.


LCC food court meal. Bicol Express with fried rice and iced tea. Price P123 (£1.94, QR 9)


LCC Food Court