For the first time ever, I got upgraded from the back of the plane to the front free of charge. What a fantastic start to my Christmas vacation. When I got to the gate I was given the good news, and I didn’t stop smiling until I found myself stuck in terminal 3 at Manila for 5 hours where the horrible seating eventually eroded my ear to ear grin. Nice one Qatar Airways, at last my Silver Priority Club status got me an upgrade.

Business Class Upgrade

And boy was I happy that they served my nuts in a bowl and not in a packet like Korean Air snigger snigger 😉

Qatar Airways Business Class Nuts (served in a bowl not a packet)

Seriously, anyone who hasn’t sat up front simply don’t know what they are missing. Look I can’t afford this kind of luxury, and the last time I traveled business class I used my my Qatar Airways points for the upgrade, but flying in the front is a wonderful experience. I wish I was lucky enough to work for a company that issues its staff with business class tickets. Mind you I was happy my company gave me a ticket at all, so please don’t think I am ungrateful. But when your seat turns into a bed at the touch of a button, and you can actually sleep comfortably instead of waking up with a stiff neck, you arrive so much fresher.

You can eat what you like off the menu, when you like. No trolleys here. Fabulous service. Ask for a coffee and they will ask what type you would like, cappuccino, latte, espresso etc. Request an Earl Grey tea and you get one freshly brewed. OMG! It was fabulous, it was unexpected, and it kicked my Christmas vacation off with a huge bang! Thank you Qatar Airways, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Unfortunately coming back home to Qatar on Monday I wasn’t so lucky, and I experienced a complete contrast. But that’s another story and I will write about that tomorrow.