How much does it cost to fit Bluetooth as standard in a new car? I will bet we are looking at around QR 60 to QR 100 to achieve this. And think of the benefits it would bring to road safety here in Qatar..

It is rare that I pull up at a signal or roundabout and don’t see at least one driver with a phone against their ear. Personally I would always use a Bluetooth headset right up until I got my first car with Bluetooth integrated into its sound system. But I hated those headsets, and I understand why someone less concerned with using the phone while driving simply couldn’t be bothered to use one. But there is no excuse once you have Bluetooth fitted in your car. It’s easy to use, completely safe and no hassle at all. It pairs itself automatically when you get in the car so there is no forgetting to do activate it.

Here in Qatar there are legal requirements that differ from other countries. In the UK I don’t remember a fire extinguisher being a standard requirement, or an alarm when you go faster that 120kph. Thus surely it would be easy for Qatar to insist that all new cars are fitted with Bluetooth.

Oh and while I’m ranting about phones and cars. Why haven’t car manufacturers started designing into their dashboards somewhere to safely store your phone where you can see it. We all have to buy accessories that hold our phones in safe viewable ¬†positions. How difficult can it be to fit a universal phone holder ready for use?