Legazpi is located in the Bicol region. And the Bicol region is famous for it’s love of spicy food. And that is excellent news for me, as I love spicy food. And that includes desert.

When in Legazpi you simply have to pop into a branch of 1st Colonial and try their Sili Ice Cream. It’s one of those must do things.


Sili Ice Cream in 1st Colonial, it’s chilli ice cream and it’s very good P89 (£1.40, QR 4.5)

Available in three levels of hot (1,2 & 3) I usually go for level 2. It’s not so weak you don’t get the point and not so strong that unless you are trying to impress someone is pointless. When you eat it you get a wonderful creamy taste with that hot spicy undertone that creeps up on you.


1st Colonial menu showing Sili Ice Cream

I love the stuff and wish I could get it in Qatar. so when ever here in Legazpi 1st Colonial always gets a visit from me.


1st Colonial in Ayala Mall


1st Colonial Ayala Mall Legazpi