Day 2 of do I have Diabetes?

Ok day 2 of stabbing myself with a blood glucose measuring machine trying to answer the question ‘Do I have diabetes?’.

The reason I am doing this is because I have a painful left foot which now has a numb heel and as a result everyone thinks I have diabetes’.

So far I believe my readings fall within the normal range. This morning I have a new all time low of 88 upon waking up. I am an early riser and am normally getting up around 4am which is why Pre Breakfast is so early.


Yesterday morning I had not set the date and time on my GL50 blood glucose meter and as such my Pre Breakfast reading is missing (it’s recorded as some time back in 2011), but it was a healthy 95. And I didn’t do my post lunch because I forgot.

I’m going to keep this up for a week and hopefully I will be in the clear. I am not enjoying this drawing blood process, my poor fingers are starting to hurt from all the stabbings.

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  1. Hello! I happened to stumble across your site while looking for information any the long term parking! Thank you for sharing that information!
    I’m a doctor and I just wanted to say that glucometre readings are not as accurate as blood tests to diagnose diabetes! Please get a fasting blood glucose (8 hours fasting) and Hba1c done if you are concerned! Finger pricks are useful after diagnosing diabetes but are not used in the diagnosis. And they are painful! (Your readings are mostly within the normal range though! 70-1oo)
    Also there may be other causes of painful foot with heel numbness.. Please go for a real life check up! Good luck!

    1. Wow! Thank you so much for your valuable information. I will go get the tests done soon. I’m of on vacation next week, and I will sort it when I get back. I so very much want to see a podiatrist, and I still live in hope that HMC will come up with the goods on that score sooner than later.

      Once again thank you for taking the time to comment

  2. My pleasure! I wasn’t expecting to find an opportunity to give advise online 😊
    You can get a referral to HMC Podiatry from your company doctor or from a primary health care centre. Also if the appointment is too far away you could look into private podiatrists!

    Enjoy your holiday!

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