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NOTE: It’s no longer free to park in the long stay. Now it’s QR 2 per hour, QR 45 per 24 hour.

HIA Long Stay Car Park Rates

For some unknown reason HIA don’t want you to know where their Long Stay Car Park is. But I sneeked in there this afternoon and drove around and around until I figured it out. So…. here is the secret they don’t want you to know:-


Look for the yellow “High Vehicles” signs. These are what you will need to follow.


Follow that yellow “High Vehicles Exit” sign and go first left on the very left. Do not follow any of the signs to the car parks as they are all short stay.


Keep following the yellow signs, keeping right this time.


you will take a 90 degree left bend and then go straight ahead.


When you reach this sign, don’t go right for the exit, turn left.


Your there…. YAY!!!


Free Long Stay Car Park at HIA

Now head for the big ‘J’ this seems to be where they are picking up from.

Hamad International Airport, Long Stay Shuttle Bus

Oh by the way, Long Stay is free still at the moment!

I will let you know more after I have tried this out tonight.