Ok I have this injured foot. I have numbness in my left heel. And everyone is saying ‘Oooo you must have diabetes’. I don’t want to have diabetes! Thus I have avoided testing for diabetes. If it’s un-diagnosed I don’t have it right? Right!?

I have had blood glucose tests done over the past year as part of other treatments, and they came back clear or marginal and were not pursued by the medical staff checking them. But this pain in my foot combined with my blooming numb heel has led me to investigate diabetes a bit further. Out of the list of symptoms I can tick ‘Tiredness’ and that’s all. I certainly don’t have genital itching or sudden weight loss. I have always suffered from tiredness especial back when I was in school.

So I have been researching diabetes on diabetes.co.uk¬†which I strongly recommend to anyone who is curios like me. And on Wednesday I popped out and bought a Beurer GL50 3 in 1 Blood Glucose Monitor from a pharmacy in Safari Mall for QR 199. The trouble is I bought it after indulging in the fantastic 50% deal in Papa Johns. Anyway I did a reading when I got home, knowing it was going to be a rubbish reading because I had just eaten. And the reading was a horrifying 180. And if that was a real reading apparently I need to ‘Seek Medical Attention’. Then I was off out to a birthday function that involved lots of food, lots of beer (too much beer) and a late night. In the morning I went to retrieve my car from the hotel car park and decided to skip breakfast and do a reading before lunch as my stomach should be empty by then.

So before eating yesterday lunch time, I get out my shiny new GL50 and have my second go at proving I don’t have diabetes. This time I get a reading of 111. Damn it! I needed that to be under 100! So I reason that due to my misbehavior the night before this reading could still be wrong. This morning before breakfast I have another go and voil√† 95. Yay! I’m not diabetic. Or am I? I’m concerned I am something called ‘prediabetic’. A marginal condition that if not dealt with can lead to full diabetes. So for the next week I’m going to do my before and after food readings and log them. Then go and see a doctor for advice. Diabetes now has my complete attention. No more dodging the subject. At the grand old age of 50 it’s time to start dealing with half a centuries worth of abusing my body. The smoking stopped a month ago, I’v been on a successful diet for quite sometime now, and I am going to get the exercise thing going soon enough. I have people depending on me, I think I owe it to them to stick around as long as I can.