Please remember that I still struggle with religion when reading the below. I believe in God of that I am certain, but am foggy about other stuff.

Last Friday I was in the Anglican Center to photograph the interior. And while I was there I sat through one of the services. Father Paul delivered a sermon about doing something, anything, even just a little each day for God. He elaborated stating that you could find a little time for saying a prayer, help someone, do something for yourself that you have been putting off. But do something. He said “Even if you can’t do everything, you can do something small that will make a difference”.

Begin a task that is so dauntingly large that you can’t imagine ever completing it. But at least by beginning it you have started to make a difference.

At the time I liked the sermon. It had some information that resonated so true with me. But as the week has progressed, and challenges have continued to present themselves, I keep reflecting on Father Paul’s sermon, and his words have helped me gain focus on issues.

We must keep going through adversity, and where we can’t do everything, at least do a little. And that’s good advice from Father Paul that I am finding useful right now.