Bake a nice fresh loaf of bead and it turns simple cheap food items into a veritable feast. Soup, beans on toast, jam & marmalade, oh and of course chunky bacon sandwiches with HP Sauce Mmmmmmmm….. And you get to tweek the recipe the way you want it. I usually use 2 parts wholemeal to one part white flour for a slightly healthier loaf. I hate the American style sweetened bread, so only add the minimum sugar and no milk.

I have owned my Panasonic Break Maker for over 7 years now. And it just keeps churning out delicious bread consistently. Except the time I forgot to put water in with the other ingredient, but we won’t count that one. The cinnamon and raisin loaf is a real treat every now and again as well.
Fresh Home Baked Bread - I Love It!