I am specifically addressing Ocean Basket in Mall of Qatar for this piece. But it’s not restricted to them. At least with Ocean Basket water is still cheaper than sugar sodas. But our visit to them yesterday is what prompted me to write this.

We decided to give their Fish and Chips a try (their Fish & Chips is another story which I will tell another time). We placed our order and asked for a small bottle of water to go with our meal. The price of the food was what I would class as expected. But when I got the bill I felt ripped of by being charged QR 12 for a 500ml bottle of water. I don’t care what their justification for this ridiculous charge is, it immediately put me off returning to them.


Ocean Basket are not even the worst offenders. There are many others I would like to name and shame, and perhaps in the near future I will do just that. Those charging more for water than sugar sodas are my biggest hate.

For me paying around QR 5 for a small bottle of water should be the maximum. Any more than that, and I feel they are hurting their own brand.


It’s my fault for not checking the menu before ordering. And had I checked first I would have simply skipped the water.

I liked the look of their menu, I liked the look of food being served to other tables, and I may well return to give some of their other dishes a go. But I will not be ordering water to go with my meal.