I will be at the bottom of the erupting Mt. Mayon volcano in 3 weeks time, and I can’t wait!


Yup my vacation is booked, and this could be my view in just 3 weeks time. It could be a less spectacular view, it could be a more spectacular view, that will depends on how Mount Mayon is feeling. This image was taken on 17th Sep and it shows what is being described as a “gentle eruption”.

My tickets were already booked before Mayon started putting on a show and it’s just coincidence that I will be there while it’s this active. I will be carrying my Sony a77 so hopefully I will grab a shot or two like the one above. I hope 14km is far enough to be safe that’s all 🙂

Mayon < Click for more information

And here is what it looks like on one of its less attention garbing days.

Mount Mayon

And here is what it’s capable of

Cagsawa Ruins

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