Ok I am nearly 4 years late, but at last I have gotten around to reading 50 Shades. It’s been on my Kindle for well over a year, and I have nearly read it on many occasions. But a final push from my nearest and dearest and at last I reluctantly began the task.


What a complete surprise! This book is going to be a classic forever. It is going to be compulsory reading in literacy education well beyond us all checking out of this life. Why didn’t I read this sooner!

Right I am a full blooded male, and I have no problem with the very descriptive sex scenes, but I’m half way through book 2, and to be honest I am now speed reading the sex. I have grown tired of it, and it’s getting in the way (far too frequently) of a fabulous story. Or am I getting old!? Now that is a terrifying thought!!

Also on the Kindle you can press and hold a word to look up it’s meaning. Normally when reading I may press this once, sometimes twice during a good book. However 50 Shades is prompting really regular visits to the Oxford English. My vocabulary is getting a massive intravenous dose of new words. It’s like being back in school.

Look I think I may be the last person on the planet to have read 50 Shades. But if you haven’t already done so, you must read ’50 Shades of Grey’. It will make you laugh, slightly horny, sad and intrigued. But you will get a nice warm feeling reading it (not like that you dirty so and so), and you will want to keep picking it up.

How did I spend my Eid break, reading this book and listening to Coldplay’s entire collection over and over again.