Within one month I have been hit by bad news after bad news. It just keeps coming. My son in the UK looses his job, my job security is reduced and worst of all Victoria’s mother is given 4 to 6 months to live having been diagnosed with a terminal illness. And that’s just the big items.

I feel stressed and have worries that plague my days, making it difficult to perform.

Not the best sunrise over the Corniche, but the first time I have had time to park, jump out, set up, and get a shot off while on my way to work. It was very hazy, and I had to wait ages for the sun to finaly burn through the blanket of white.

Sunrise on Doha Corniche  :: Brian Candy

But today is a fresh day, and I am determined to push forward until the clouds part and the sun shines through once more. I am still blessed compared to many, and I mean many people. And compared to their bad day, mine is nothing.