I am all in favor of charity, I give when I can to those that need, and Ramadan is a great time to spread happiness to those less fortunate.

Before I get a bashing from people who think I am not in the spirit of things during this holy time, let me make it absolutely clear that I am not disrespecting those who give, and I am not begrudging those who are being so generously given to. I am simply questioning why these employees need charity in the first place. If I was the employer of staff that had received a charity box of goodies, I would be so embarrassed. And I would be embarrassed because others have obviously identified that my staff were in need of charity because I was not giving them what they needed.

Sure in the UK we give presents or cash to our milk man, paper boy or refuge collection guys at Christmas. But that is not charity it’s a thank you for looking after us so well. Not because they were in need of some basic essentials they can’t afford. Let’s be honest I am talking about certain staff categories that are being target by organisations who have identified that they are in need of extra. It would be better if that goodies box had been given not by a charitable organisation but instead by the employers themselves at this festive time, as a thank you to their own staff.

Oh and I think the guys handing out food packages to drivers who have to continue driving instead of going somewhere to break their fast, at traffic signals and the likes are doing a fabulous job.

Anyway before I get accused of being Mr. Scrooge or the Grinch, I’m off. And yes I will be giving cash gifts to my low paid office staff (tea boy etc.) before Eid, and yes I am treating my staff to festivities over this wonderful time.