I’m starting my review of the new Connected service run by Q Post with a point deducted immediately.

The reason for deducting the point giving them a score so far of -1 is that yesterday (20th May) I had confirmation from Amazon that my package had been delivered to their mail room. Yet 2 days later when I check my Connected account online there is still no packages showing.


Sunday 12 noon, I get a call from Q Post saying that my item will only appear on their system 48 working hours after it arrives in their UK depot. Because in the UK they have Saturday and Sunday off, that means I should see it appear on the system either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Now that is something that they could do with publishing on their website to stop people like me becoming anxious about their packages. But even if they did, I feel that 48 working hours is way too long for something as simple as updating a status.

So I’m adding 1 point because Q Post took the initiative to call me having read my tweet. Meaning their communications is errr… ok, and that takes their score back to zero. But I’m removing it again because I think that their operating procedures in the UK are too slack, and not customer friendly. Back to -1 point then.

It’s on the system

Wednesday and finally my juicer is showing as arrived in Connected in the UK. Annoyingly though, it says that the package only arrived in their dept today, when Amazon actually delivered it 5 days ago.

Got it!

Yesterday (Monday 30th May) my juicer finally gets delivered to my door. So it took 10 days in total from the time Amazon said they had delivered to the Connected UK depot. Which actually isn’t that bad. Although I believe that Aramex would have done it within 7 days.

Oh and the 30% discount they offer on your first shipment is off the base rate only. So your actual saving is only a maximum of QR 18. And I’m deducting another point for that, as I got misled by their marketing blurb. You could say that I got misled because I am stupid, but from my perspective they way they presented the deal suckered me into thinking I was getting 30% off the whole shipment.

Connected Invoice

+1 Point

They get plus one point though, because delivery to the door is awesome. They called first to check I was home and 5 minuets later they delivered my 11kg juicer right to my door. Packaging was undamaged and my juicer was in perfect condition. And no cuing in Aramex.

Juicer Delivery

No Packages