I was very please to read the article in the Gulf Times this morning regarding car park car washing that damages your vehicle. I thought I was the only one that had experienced damage from these guys, and this article highlights a serious issue. Here in Qatar nearly every Mall and some smaller shopping centers have car wash services in their car parks. For a mere QR 15 they will clean your car while you shop. But I will never use one again, having had several cars damaged by them. They use cloths that are either already contaminated by sand and dust, or become contaminated by sand and dust from your car. Cloths that have dust and sand on them basically become sandpaper, and that will do horrible damage to your lovely cars paint work and glass. Both the water-less and water based cleaning systems have the same consequences if you let them loose on your car.

When you approach them after you discover the damage, they claim they were not responsible and the damage was already there. Having experienced terrible damage to my lovely new car earlier this year, I have pledged never to use them again.

It’s not very environmental friendly, but flowing water is the only real way of getting all that dust and sand off your car before using a freshly rinsed cloth (instead of a bucket with collected debris in it) to make your car gleam again. Either do as I do and clean your car at home, or go to one of the specialist cleaning centers that use flowing water to clean your car.

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