I am going to keep this short. But I have to rant a little. I am fed up of story after story about corruption and bribes and all the garbage that the world press, and unfortunately predominately the British press are spouting about Qatar’s successful bid to host the World Cup in 2022.

Just drop it will you!

Those who didn’t win are suffering from severe sour grapes. They should just shut up, accept they lost and let Qatar get on with the job in hand.

Qatar worked hard and successfully removed all of the objections as to why the tournament couldn’t take place here. Fully air conditioned stadiums, re-use of stadiums after the event, green issues etc. etc. etc. Everything that blocked their way, they found a solution to, removed the objection and ultimately won the bid. So to all of you who did not win your bid I say GET OVER IT!

Even my favorite free voice websites here in Qatar are beginning to annoy me by continuously publishing all the latest allegations as they pop up. For goodness sake stop giving this rubbish the visibility its creators crave. I am fed up with day after day of new same, same sour grapes, hypocritical tripe being repeated here from bitter disgruntled sources from around the world and especially the British Press that are for some unknown reason on a mission to sling mud at Qatar. Any mud, anything will do, any story, anything derogatory about Qatar and bang they have a story. I will bet their own readers back home are even getting tired of reading about so called news stories about Qatar being published in their local rag. I honestly don’t think they care.

Now I’m not saying Qatar is perfect, and it is certainly a country undergoing significant change. But give it a rest will you!

And that’s the short version 😉