I’m applying for an RPS Licentiateship, and this is my second crack at getting past the auditions.

So… having been advised to come back and try again by the Simon Cowell of the RPS, I am just about to step back into the room for another go at impressing this photographic guru.

Last time I auditioned, I think I got told my song choice was wrong. So I have spent the last couple of days thumbing through my song book looking for what I think he wants to hear, or in this case see.

I listened to what he had to say, and managed to squeeze out 7 replacement images for the 7 he didn’t like last time for various reasons. So…. drum roll…. here is my new hanging plan:-

LRPS Hanging Plan Two

Ta da!

Will be packaging this up in an email later today with a fresh plea for assistance.

If this doesn’t get me through to the next stage, then I don’t believe I have enough images demonstrating my technical capabilities in my library, and I am going to have to look at learning some new songs. My thinking hat will have to go on, and I will need to go and get some new images that exhibit the skills I think they are looking for. And that is going to take many months. So fingers crossed, this time I will get past the Rottweiler.