Stop looking West, the East looks like it has a much brighter future to me

When travelling, say in the Philippines, I get asked where I am from at the supermarket checkout. I reply I am from the UK, and the checkout assistant launches into a ‘I would love to go and work there’ speech. Here in Qatar I meet so many people that are from the East proclaiming how much they want to go and work in the USA, Europe or Canada. And I just don’t know why.

Ok I would like to go and live in Canada as well 😉 But normally I can’t help but answer the above by giving my ‘Stay where you are’ speech. I would like to suggest Qatar is as far West as you want to go. The money is good here, the police are less likely to kill you, it’s relatively safe as far as crime goes, politically stable and I don’t recall any natural disasters here.

To those still living and working in the Philippines I would like to suggest you stay where you are. You country is progressing nicely. Forget the American Dream. Pursue the Philippine Dream where through hard work and with an entrepreneurial spirit you truly can build a strong business, better life and give your family a bright future. America is much harder to gain traction in. You need luck there in much higher proportions to the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit there. And have you watched the news recently!?

India look fantastic. Come on! I would love to go and live and work there. And the food is amazing! Why would anyone want to go West with so much going for you where you are. It is just another of the ‘New Land of Opportunity’ that is developing in the East. And of course I could go on mentioning other countries as well. Sri Lanka for example (I love their food too). But what I am saying is the West is old and crusty now. The East looks far more attractive to me, with real opportunities, much better food, and a much, much better mentality.

The Philippines is so friendly, I love the mentality there. Not the depressing, moaning culture of my home country. Qatar is awesome, I love it here (and it’s a foodie’s paradise). And I am sure when I get around to vising India I am going to love that as well.

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  1. I agree with much of what you’re saying here. However the elephant in the room is Citizenship. Citizenship can be gained in most/many Western countries after a period of time. And with the passport comes a brighter future for your kids and easy/easier travel to other countries (for work and leisure). Don’t forget having a British passport gets you a higher salary here.

    1. Some interesting points. Indeed one thing that puzzles me, is that you can gain citizenship in a lot of western counties, yet it’s nearly impossible for me to gain citizenship in the Philippines. Strange but true.

      Also my British Passport is not helping me earn a higher wage than any of my peers in my company. In fact other nationalities (not American) are earning slightly more in similar positions to me, so no advantage there. Also I know plenty of Filipinos (among others) earning very attractive salaries here. Much better than they could attract in the UK and much lower living costs here. Seriously Qatar is my recommendation and I wouldn’t go any further west than here.

      1. Everyone keeps saying (that you get paid more with a western passport), but I’m not too sure about that.

        I’m inclined to agree with you here:

        >…I wouldn’t go any further west than here.

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