It’s a simple diet. Quick, simple and cheap. No expensive supplements, no expensive pre packed meals. Just fresh white non oily fish (I use Shari) and veg, steamed together in 30 minuets. Eaten once a day as a meal, at some point in the afternoon. No other meals! But drink as much coffee/tea as you like, with skimmed milk if you like, and once you are doing well, a small bowl of Special K for breakfast (but not at first). That’s it! Real easy to remember. But you are going to have to deal with being hungry. Sorry there is no way around that. But you will lose weight quickly, consistently and most importantly safely. Steam the veg for 10 minuets, add the fresh fish and steam for a further 20 minuets. Serve with Tabasco Sauce, Worcester Sauce and Spiced Vinegar if you like. I pile loads on mine to add flavor. And every Friday the gloves come off, and I eat and drink everything and anything I like.

Candy Diet

3 Large Carrots
1 Baby Marrow
1 Large Tomato
1 Fresh Shari Fillet (or similar)