The Qatar Crisis is impacting on the lives of everyone around me. But in such a small way that no one is complaining. In fact quite the opposite, people are actually happy to become resourceful and overcome the slight inconveniences they have encountered. Not once have I heard anyone speak negatively about the leadership of the country. Qataris and Expats alike seem to be unified behind the countries leaders and their decisions. I for one am so impressed with the mature, professional and valid statements coming from Qatar’s representatives. Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker is an excellent example of someone who knows what he is talking about.

From a domestic point of view, sure some of my favorite brands have disappeared from the shelves of my supermarket. But so far that is the only impact. I want for nothing. I have nothing to complain about, and even if I did, I would consider it a small price to pay for Qatar standing its ground.

From a work point of view, like many other companies, my company has to overcome some logistical issues, and work around the blockade. But once again I am finding a willingness to help from suppliers and partners. There is a ‘Can Do’ attitude and spirits are high and resourceful.

Out in public, in the malls, on the beautiful Corniche, the parks, restaurants and souqs, there is no sign of crisis. And I truly do feel blessed when I go out for my evening walk and get to enjoy this wonderful country that is Qatar.

In the last week, what I have found really interesting are the stories in the media about Qatar becoming less reliant on its immediate neighbors for food.  Like the the guy who has bought 4,000 cows to start producing milk here in Qatar. Or the new/strengthened shipping links with countries like India. Supply diversification that can help reduce the impact of the blockade of Qatar right now, and more importantly prevent us from ever being bullied again.

It could be that this blockade will actually help Qatar grow and become even stronger. There could indeed be a lot of good come out of this bad situation.