There is a massive technology geeky dilemma at the moment. You feel the need to buy something shiny, and there is so much to tempt you. I am positively well and truly tempted by the new duel SIM Galaxy S5. Duel SIM in a decent phone is something anyone who travels a lot would find mega useful. I am also tempted by the LG G3 and the HTC One M8. These are gorgeous phones that are making my once shiny iPhone 5 look quite dull. I don’t need a new phone, I just feel the geek in me drawing me towards these shiny temptresses and their new features.

Apple in 3rd place.

Apple in 3rd place in this month’s edition of T3.

But wait! Apple are launching the new iPhone 6 at the end of September. It’s going to be super shiny with next generation features that are going to blow the Droid competition out of the water. The day the iPhone 6 launches, everyone who couldn’t wait another 2 months for a new shiny thing are going to be kicking themselves that they couldn’t hold on to their hard earned cash a little longer. You have to be mega geeky to buy two top of the range phones in one year don’t you?

“They know there is a massive lull in the market right now, where people who should be spending on Droids and even existing Apple products, have stopped buying”

But are Apple rushing to launch and stop people spending their annual shiny phone budget before they can get the iPhone 6 to market. NO! They are sat back confidently watching the Apple faithful and the nervous Droids (Android users) who are with sad faces, being taunted by their friends and colleagues on a daily basis with their new shiny things. Why are people holding on, and showing such restraint. Well the iPhone 6 is being anticipated as the next giant leap for Apple. Physically it’s a new shape, look and feel, the iOS (operating system for iPhones) has new features that include amalgamation for fitness apps and new keyboard options to make typing easier. It has the best fingerprint technology of all phones, that will without the need for entering a pin, unlock your iPhone at the press of the home button. Others have fingerprint technology, but theirs is nowhere near as good as Apple’s. And Apple are launching their new cloud storage which totally destroys the competition, making cloud storage of a hard drive full of data affordable to us mere peasants. Blagh… blagh… blagh… blagh…. go and read an iPhone 6 anticipated feature article somewhere else if you want more of that kind of stuff.

I don’t need a new phone! But I believe I am stupidly going to retire my perfectly good iPhone 5 and put it out to graze when the iPhone 6 arrives. I know it fills in the gaps and will give me just that little more than my iPhone 5 does. I know they have dealt with the annoying issues where Droids have crept ahead, and I am confident this is going to be the ultimate phone for me. And I don’t want to wait until the end of September. But I am going to have to, because Apple can do this kind of stuff. They know there is a massive lull in the market right now, where people who should be spending on Droids and even existing Apple products, have stopped buying, they are all waiting for the quantum leap that the iPhone 6 is expect to be.

I just hope it is worth the wait, or Apple’s reputation is going to change for ever, and they will lose consumer loyalty in such a horrendous way that they will never get it back to its current level again.