I am being contacted by people back home in the UK who are checking I’m ok. They have seen the news and are concerned about me because of the Qatar Crisis.

So this short post is just to let everyone back home know that I am ok, there is plenty of food here in Qatar, and I am not going to starve to death any time soon.

However I was one of the first in the supermarket when the news first broke, and if anyone wants to buy some of my corned beef, pasta, tinned tomato, rice etc. that I have stock piled please contact me direct.

Yesterday I popped into my local supermarket again (not that I needed to) just to see for myself if supplies truly are normal. And yes they are. I could post images of full shelves, full meat counter, full fish counter, full fruit and veg counter but whats the point. Just take my word for it they are full. And prices have not gone up.

The only, only sign of any impact of the blockade, is that fresh milk was low on stock. There were a few bottles left (see image) but the space that used to be full of milk containers has been padded out with juices.


Life is continuing as normal here in Qatar. There is no apparent threat to anyone’s safety, no cause for concern and plenty to eat and drink.