When my dedicated Dash Cam gave up the ghost and stopped working, I became worried that I would have trouble proving who was at fault if I was involved in an accident. I looked at the Dash Cams available here in Qatar, and was unable to locate one that did everything I wanted in the way that I wanted. I considered using Amazon and getting one shipped over again, but was reluctant to spend again on a cheap Dash Cam and was equally reluctant to buy an expensive one and pay high shipping charges again.

While I was wasting time trying to decide what to do about buying a new Dash Cam, I had a couple of close calls where idiot drivers nearly caused me to have an accident. I was missing my Dash Cam. I want video proof if something happens, and I felt vulnerable without a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) recording my journey’s. The longer it took me to decide which DVR to buy, the longer I was without video. Then a lunatic nearly caused me to have a serious accident, and I decided I could wait no longer. I was just about to go and buy something locally, when I had the idea of checking for an APP for my iPhone.

A quick search later and I had downloaded and installed a free trial version of OsmAnd DVR. Not a very catchy name I

iPhone Dash Cam

Using an iPhone as a Dash Cam

know, but it installed quickly and effortlessly. Next I wrapped some elastic bands around the bottom my old DVR (Dash Cam) window mount, and this allowed my iPhone to pop straight in avoiding the need to buy a new phone holder. And voilà I had a Dash Cam again and had paid nothing for it.

Because I used elastic bands to help hold my iPhone in place my video footage is a little bit jumpy. So I will be buying a new window mount for my phone soon, but apart from that I absolutely love this APP. I used it for a couple of days with the free version, and then spent a massive QR 18 buying the full version. The free version is terrific and functional. I bought the paid for version because I could make the video clips longer and store more recordings. Check out dvr.osmand.net for more information on the APP.

This is a clip taken on my ride into work today. Like I say it jumps around a bit, but that is because I have used elastic bands to hold my iPhone in place until I buy a new window mount. Oh and yes I know my windshield is very dirty 😉

iPhone Used as a Dash Cam