I am blessed to be surrounded by interesting people. People that as I was growing up I could have never have dreamt I would meet. There are things about these people that I love, dislike, aspire to and disgust me. So a mixed bag then 😉 And today I am going to air my observations and views on materialism amongst them.

Materialism is not evil in my opinion, but I have seen it change perfectly good people who had little in life and literally practiced what they preached, into people who placed their perceived material wealth above that of their original values. The car that they are seen arriving in at church becomes a top priority, the long preparation time dressing up and putting makeup on before joining the congregation. The importance of being recognised above others. The desire for status. Slowly eroding their core values. All of a sudden they start to feel entitled to things. Start making assumptions about what they can do without recourse. And become numb to the feelings of those that once were important to them.

Here in Qatar I have seen humble people arrive. People with God in their heart, people who I admired. And as their wealth has grown turn into people I have come to dislike. Their religions meaning diluting and watering down.

My life has been rich and deep. And throughout my life I have continued my quest to find God. When I say find, I know he is there, I just can’t connect in the way I see others connect with him. I envy those who have God. Don’t lose what I seek, keep a check on your materialism.